Matching data with marker on map

Just wondering if anyone would know how to do this, I am trying to create a system in which you input data and then the data shows up on a marker on the map?
There are text boxes which go to a spreadsheet data base, how would i get the information from the database automatically onto a marker on the map?
In one of the text boxes you put in your address, is there anyway I could get the marker to automatically go to that address and the description of the marker would show the other things people put in the text boxes?
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You can see an example of the work by the link.

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Fine, that works great. But now the next task: When I click on a marker, the contents of a field from the airtable should appear as text on a label. How is this to build? The way I did works or not. At most comes the message: undefined. What can I do?

Check what data is returned from AirTable. Perhaps, because of the connection error to the AirTable, you don’t return data at all, which is why it writes undefined.

See what is in the “error” variable.

Thanks for the anwer! But I didnt find some error-messages…

Do you get data from AirTable when using the GetAllRows block? If not, there is an error connecting to the AirTable. The AirTable help has an example of a query in the browser to view all the entries in the table. Check in the browser records from the table are displayed?

Ich habe jetzt eine neue Tabelle angelegt, mit der klappt es. Im Prinzip. Aber die Zuordnung der Texte erfolgt unberechenbar. Siehe hier! Kannst du sagen, was hier schief läuft? Vielen Dank schon mal!
Bitte testen!

In your project, APIKey is not entered to access AirTable. If you give it to me, I will find a problem.

Oh, sorry… here it is: keyqJaFRuHGPOzdD7
Danke fĂĽr deine BemĂĽhungen!

The problem is that you are using the wrong variable for the loop. The variable j is not a number as you think, but an object.

Check it.


Vielen Dank, aber es arbeitet leider nicht richtig. Die Labels werden nicht richtig benannt.
Bei Lösung von Bild 1 werden die Labels zwar benannt, aber nicht mit dem zugeordneten Inhalt der Datentabelle, bei Lösung von Bild 2 gibt es gar keine Ausgabe

der Wert wird nicht angezeigt Hier wird immer der selbe Wert an die Label ausgegeben, egal, welchen Marker man klickt.
Es ist zum Verzweifeln…
Ich wĂĽnsche einen entspannten Sonntag, und lieben Dank noch einmal!

This works incorrectly because I just fixed the display of the markers on the map.

Unfortunately, I can’t get this application to work, because the Map.onMarkerPress event handler does not work in Thunkable X.

ok, schade… aber trotzdem vielen Dank für die Bemühungen!

Hii I have a question with my app as well. I want the user to press the marker in the map, then go to another page with the same description in airtable. I tried these blocks but it didn’t work:

Ignore the “selected rows” part, but it still doesn’t work. Why?!!
Thanks for your time,
Nicole :slight_smile:

Nicole. It looks like in your loop you ask to get object property latitude from object item j from the list of rows.

In airtable caps. Each object is a row. Each property is a cell of the row.

You usually your ask for property latitude of object j

The same for the others. In a loop you check the data line by line. So you always check for
Property _____ of object j