How to use Airtable data to make marker on map?

Hello, I’m trying to use the data from my Airtable to create multiple markers on my map.
On the “Map” page, I want the page to automatically open with markers from locations others have submitted info through the “Add” page.

Please take a look!
Thank you.

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I and my team are doing a similar project and want the coordinates in a spreadsheet in Airtable to convert into markers. I was looking at your code for clues to find a way to solve the problem, but I couldn’t understand what the item “j” was… if you could explain it, I and my teammates could understand better and maybe we could help each other!
If you have already found the solution, could you please let us know?
Thank you for your time!

j is each item of a list usually. Usually you use j in a loop. From An airtable dataLoop for a “get all rows” call, j would be each row