Good data types to track for sport teams (specifically cycling)

My current task as a Thunker is creating an app for an annual cycling event held every year where I live. It is a 555km non stop bike (bicycle) race.

It has gained huge popularity, and so it got me thinking, with permission from the organisers of course;

What are good data types to track about cyclists

I will be getting their position, checkpoint times, ages, average of their ages, and team info like members of the team, team name, team type and a short description of the team.

I have some cool feature ideas for this app, but I am wondering, what else can I add, data collecting wise! The idea of the app is to provide as much detail as possible about a specific team, with 1 click of a button. The data is saved in Airtable.

I would love any ideas for this, even if you think they are ludicrous or plain silly, I would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Blood type, if they fall and get hurt?
Name of people to notify, if they fall and get REALLY hurt.

And then, you can have a short bio: when they got into cycling, how many times they ran that specific course before, what was their time in previous events.

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I don’t mean to sound rude but why are you making an app about a subject you don’t appear to know much about?

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@CBVG That is a good one actually yes, definitely something I could think about. They do have a team car following them most of the way, so if they had to make a quick pit stop for food and someone came across them alone and they came off the bike then yes this would be great, Thanks!

Hey @Dean_Artis, apologies if I offended you due to my lack of knowledge in cycling. I myself am very much involved in sports, especially with local sports teams, under cycling and other sports.

I am unsure of data to record for the event. I guess I lack knowledge there ahaha! But if you have any cool ideas, do share them here, as I would love your feedback.


I’m not offended. It’s just that there are so many people who want others to do the work for them so they can profit. I’m not saying you’re like that, what I meant was that it seems strange to want to build an app without knowing the core specifics of it. I can understand asking about UI, logic, problems with blocks etc but not so much with the basics of an app.

Ah okay I can understand where you are coming from. I don’t make apps for profit. I don’t earn a penny and don’t expect any payment or income.

It was marked as off topic. If this isn’t a post you wish to share your knowledge on then you don’t have to! I am making this app purely for fun and enjoyment, and was asking for a few ideas to challenge myself.

I do have knowledge of sports and of course cycling, the topic of this app. Maybe not to the extent of your knowledge on it! But i wouldn’t know that so i cant say. But i can assure you, this app is not designed to profit, and if you really don’t want to share and information, you dont have to!