Help with app that keeps users up to date with events in club

I have to make an app for my club where it keeps users up-to-date with upcoming events for the club. Also there needs to be a qr code scanner and a user page that displays their attendance for each activity. My team has done the database stuff using mongodb and etc. but now the problem here lies on how to make the app update members of the club with upcoming events/upcoming competitions that will be held in the club. I am having trouble figuring out how to do this and help is much appreciated!

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to update them use airtable

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Use notification with the help of Firebase and OneSignal

@aditya.paul i don’t think he is asking about notification But that is one of the ways he could use to update the team members

but he cant show notification when app is closed

Ah, right now I’m using google sheets! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I’m using a data grid viewer and set the data grid viewer to update once the screen opens. And if someone wants to create a new event, I use a google form to update them and make that form into a spreadsheet and use the said spreadsheet as a data source. It works like a charm!

1 Like You can use push notifications which does not require your app to be running