Get more than one value from database

Hello everyone, so when I get more than one value, it doesn’t show up. I want to construct a game with four different options, however, there are always empty options or, worse, the same option repeated multiple times.
Screenshot 2023-10-29 222734

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First thing I’d like to point out here is, the variable Result is a value/string variable, whereas the variable List options is a list. In your while loop, you are setting the options list variable (which is a list) to a value from your table which is string. Also, the if statement has a condition which is comparing the list variable and the value / string variable.

Please share some more insight on what your Options values are stored as, and what your general idea is regarding this app so we can understand the issue better. Thanks!


I have roughly 300 possible answers in the database and I’m attempting to make a game with different levels. For example, one of the levels guess the symbol, for example 1? 1 = 2 so what is the missing symbol and the flowing level will be like 1 + 1 =? So you have to guess the answer here, so I’m going to give them four alternatives. When I try to make the correct number show there with the other three random numbers, I either make all the options empty with only the correct answer or it keeps repeating the same number.

Thank you for your assistance.

I made a quick example for you to follow and it doesn’t require a database. In this example I am only doing addition and subtraction.

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Thank you for your time and work. But I need to solve mine since it’s a college project: a game for youngsters aged 9 to 12, with all potential responses ranging from 1 to 12.
I couldn’t see the blocks if you could send to me a picture I will be thankful I am still learning how to use Thunkable effectively. Thank you

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