Random answer from different lists

i want to get selectable random generate answer. but although I select both, it only shows one group.
I want the user to choose an option between two groups, or both, and get random value without repeat. i think my approach is very wrong. kindly help me, thank you :slight_smile:

You are setting the value of Label2 to an item from list {a, b, c, d} AND and item from list {e, f, g, h}. Label’s can only hold a single value so this won’t work.

If you want the possible answers to be something like “b” or “g” or “ch” then you should change your functions so that they return a value. Use a join block to join (concatenate) the returned value from each function.

thanks for your kind advice. i tried it again
so I tried to search many previous posts but it’s still too hard for me
now the result answers don’t repeat

what I want is,
If I click the switch ‘A~D’, then only getting the random answer from the list of the group
or if I click ‘A~D’ and ‘E~H’ both switches, then getting the result of a combination of two lists.(A to H)
but now it only shows the result of (A~D) group. although I checked both switches.
I’m not sure if I’m taking the right approach.
english is not my first language so I’m getting it so slowly
I’d appreciate it if you could explain it in more detail, thank you very much !

Hey @zxcv32171c4ne, check out this approachh

i think it is a screen called get randomitemfromlist in the side navigator


thank you very much, i guess it’s getting closer
when I set like the picture, the Lable answer will show both at the same time,
in my case, I got two list group ‘A~D’, ‘E~H’. And I don’t want the answer gets like AE,CH
I want to generate only one random answer from A ~ H. but I split in half and made two switch groups.
not sure if my question is clear… :frowning:

Okay, I think I understand now. You want the answer to come from one of these sets:

{a, b, c, d}
{e, f, g, h}
{a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h}

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so I can choose those groups by switches

This works except for some reason it adds a comma to the full list:



and one more method! :laughing:

and a couple blocks shorter than the one above



Thank you very much !!! it works as I want.
i added a combined list group to avoid the comma.

I have one more question, I want to get the random answer without repeat so I changed like the picture.

when there are no more things to show, then the label shows ‘undefined’
but I want to make a reset button to get the results back again (reshuffling the random lists…?) instead of showing ‘undefined’
hope you can understand what I’m saying :frowning:

thank you very much again!

can you try adding this code in