Lists lists random lists

I’m having a go at generating a random business buzzword based on a couple of tutorials. The first effort works quite well as it makes a list based on something static that I’ve already typed in. Voila

That was pretty simple. So moving on from this I wanted to remove the static list then add another screen where the user can add items to a list. So, start with nothing, add items to the list and display them on one screen. Switch back to the first screen then randomly display one of these choice phrases from the user inputted list after a button press.

I had a look at the very good To Do list by @Darren and that looked pretty useful. I am struggling with how to join these two parts together. I think it is a lack of understanding with the language . For speed here is that code copied straight fro the video tutorial


I think I need to pinch the to do list code because I know it works :wink: . That makes a list. Then use that list to pick a random line from that list. I think its close but I am not sure how to stitch it together. I’ve had a go and managed to lose a few hours. Nows the time to get a bit of guidance / Get my monkey’s under the table


Hey @Alex_Hill, glad my tutorial could help. I think this is what you are looking for:

Instead of pulling from the static list, you pull from the list you are managing on the other screen. And I put this in a function, so I could call it when the screen starts and when the user clicks the button.

Happy Coding!


No way… That is really straightforward. Thanks for the help