List viewer duplicating get requests from DB

So i had this fixed and then we had the Firebase issue. Now when I get data from firebase it returns entries in double on my list. I can’t figure out how to fix this. here is a picture of the issue and my Get code

hoping maybe someone sees the issue. I’m already 2 days behind on this

I am still having this issue. Anyone know why?

I’m having the same problem as well, I followed the tutorial from @Darren on youtube and I’m getting the same result. This occurs on my device, and if I test it as a web app.

Let me know if I’m just simply missing something.
Thanks again everyone!

Can you show a screenshot of the database contents related to your code?

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Yes here’s a side by side of the result I’m seeing + the realtime data
I wondered also if maybe the data was being entered twice but it’s not. Sorry I should have posted that originally

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Yes, I can see that your code will result in 4 entries.

Thunkable retrieves lists of objects a little different that expected.

Named objects are retrieved in a way your code will work but what you have is a list of unnamed objects (0,1,2…) Unfortunately Thunkable will retrieve elements of objects as list entries so you will have a list of “cups” with 4 entries.

You need to use this in the for each loop instead of directly reading the “cups” list


I hope this clarifies your problem.

Sorry I never got back on this, I did update the for each item j block to get object properties of cloud variable cups but I’m getting the same double result, but now the answers are blank. Here’s the result.

Thanks again