Question about getting data from an Object?

I’m getting some strange behavior that I haven’t noticed before. Started happening a few days ago.

I’m using this code:

The feedObject10 looks like this:

Thunkable is doubling the first item in the list for some reason. For example here’s what I get from the feedList10:

I’ve also tried it with multiple items in the json object and it only seems to double the first one. Any ideas on this behavior? Work around?

A work around would be to remove the first or last item in the list. Not sure why it is doing that. Have you looked to see that the actual json data isnt duplicated? The other thing you could try is to set a variable to the json and then parse the variable. That way it isnt accidentally pulling the json twice.

The json is what I posted in the second screen shot. It doesn’t look duplicated to me at all. For some reason it’s like it’s running through the json twice, but not completely. Just for the first item. Bizarre. I’ll check a couple more places, but if I can’t find the error then I’ll have to do as you recommend.

I’m pretty sure it’s a bug. Here are my latest efforts:

It’s only duplicating for the first items and only the first three lists. Next I’ll swap the lists around and see if I can overcome the bug.

Ordering the blocks this way solves the problem:

I’ll report the bug.

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I can’t replicate it in a simpler app so it must be some other dependency. I’ll keep messing with it, but for now I’m going to mark this as solved.