Generate new text or image items on screen in response to user input

I’m trying to make it so when a user puts a value into a text box it will create that number of labels or images on the screen. alternatively, i’d like it to display the images associated with options selected in a list viewer. IE user selects options 4, 5 and 7 from the list. Images appear showing the pictures related to 4, 5 and 7.

my end goal is to make an app that shows who is playing in a game and in what role and seating order; the game can have 5-18 players and over a dozen roles to choose from and they can sit in any order.

Hi, im not sure that this is what youre looking for… but i believe that this could be the way to setup… i received data (images from airtable).

So is that creating new images that weren’t already there from the design view?

You can see details like text and picture (from airtable), when you click on item in list.

That’s not really what I’m looking for.

Let’s make it simpler:
If someone types 5 into a text input box, 5 labels appear on the screen.

Is that possible?

Yes, check if text = 5 show label1 label2 label3 label4 label5

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So will that create them or do they need to be present already?

If the value of the text input it 5, when the validate button js pressed, set the 5labels to a size so they appear

okay, so I’d need to create those five labels before hand, and make them appear, rather than have that button create the labels. correct?

Yes, a button can just make the action to create a text, not an entire label, but your labels will not be visible if there is no text.

okay, so there is no way for it to create new objects; that’s fine, i just needed to confirm that. Unfortunately having all of them on the screen already isn’t very helpful in this scenerio because i need to be able to have up to 20 different objects created on the screen dependent on what they select, creating all of them and hiding them will make it difficult to set up appropriate spacing etc.

On thunkable classic we had annoptuib called visible, hope to see this soon in cross platform

Annie, the ability to dynamically create components is a feature that we know about and have on our queue. It’s probably not going to be added in the near future but we are hoping to add it at some point.