Create label by blocks?

Hey there!

Is there anyway to create something like labels by blocks? I want to show informations from firebase in a new label, is there anyway to do this? please can you help me?


I will help you.
Add a label and set it visible to false
After your work
Set it visible…

I think you can’t add.
By changing the visibility, user see it as adding a new label.
You can apply this blocks for buttons and all other visible components in the screen.

Hey Tushan!

Thanks for reply, but I need unlimited labels. Its like a Twitter, the user will make “posts” online for everyone see…

I think I should use Thunkable for android, there is an extension for create label by blocks…

Hi @maauricio,

There’s no to do this without an extension:

What you could potentially do in Thunkable ✕ would be to display your posts in a List Viewer component. Your styling options are limited right now with the List Viewer (basically just simple text) but maybe that is enough for your needs right now. We do have plans in the future for a more customizable list viewer.

Hope this helps.