How do User Create New Label and New Column etc.?

From Users can be add new text input and label and new columns or rows.
User want to add new items create.
I dont want to add any old label or textinput. (If i add visible - unvisible items it will be great but it didnt this) I didnt find any new labels or items option for add from users. (I mean i want to create forum. Some user write from textinput for one topic and automatically create down new label extra ) Like comments.
Is it possible?

Can you share your blocks of what you’ve tried so far?


I dont have any blocks now. I just imagine.
For example now we are writing some comment here after than any user will be writing under the your or my comment.
I want to like that on app. With firebase or etc i dont care firebase or etc.
I want to learn how can be possible.
Because of i didnt find when user’s click a button for add a new label and new column with automaticly. (unlimited)
The other user’s have to see that.

You can’t add columns or label by code. What you could do is for example add 10 (or whatever) labels and use the visibility function to show new messages.

I guess too, Thanks.