Allow app users to create their own columns in a data source


I am quite new at using Thunkable, but have a question I hope someone can answer. Is it possible to allow my users to create columns and tables in a data source (google sheet, thunkable table, or airtable - doesn’t matter)???

I can see how easy it is for users to add rows to a database, but I don’t see any blocks for adding columns or tables. I want my users to be able to create a table that is only seen by them, and then populate that table with columns and rows. Then they would sort/filter/find data in that table.

Thank you in advanced!


You can search for airtable component connect airtable and Thunkable and you can only add row.

This is not currently possible in all Data Sources (Google sheet, Airtable and Local Table).

You can of course add rows to the table with a column having the userID and then in your app show only rows with the logged in userID.

Ok, thank you for confirming.