[Solved] Can I create a new column in airTable from my app?

how do i create a column in airtable? there is a create row block but no create column. should i use the airtable api, is there some other way or is this impossible? thanks

Hey @wisdomtayt0k5s Great question!
You can’t create new columns using the blocks or the API. AFAIK You must manipulate your base from within Airtable’s visual editor.

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i assume the visual editor isairtable.com? is there a reason why it does not exist or if it can be added in the future? thanks @jaredgibb1 :slight_smile:

It’s doesn’t exist because it’s not available from airtable. They don’t prove this kind of functionality.


Can you tell me a bit more about what you’re trying to accomplish?

In the past I’ve wanted to have dynamic like columns before. What I did instead was have at least three Seals on each record being created. The user who created it, the record type, and the value of that record. This resulted in more individual records being created however I could also group them by creation date or another identifier such that all records were returned together in groups to signify as individual data submission. There’s other ways to do it but I’m just wondering what you’re trying to get at here.

What i want to do is that for every user that uses my app, i have a column of data for that user that i can easily add and edit within app

That’s not a standard way to use a database. Are you able to instead add a row for each user?

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I didnt really think of that, thanks for telling me. Ill try and see if it works.

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