GDPR component not available?

I try to search but did not find GDPR extension or component in thunkable X.
Any idea hot to work around this
I have user another platforms before 2 years and it was available then but I can’t find something similar now

Tell us more about the component you have in mind. What exactly would it do? How would ot work?

How to make our app GDPR compliance
As I say before 2 years another platform was implement GDPR blocks
But here I can not see this option

I’m sure that you are familiar what GDPR is

Still don’t understand what you mean @go6otel - can you share a link to your company’s privacy policy?

What provisions does your organization make for GDPR compliance?

This is EU law is not my company

When user is come from EU he must can choose
What ads to see if I using admin
Personalized or not
Or you can see it here

am i missing somthing or we can not make our APP GDPR compliance
for All Europe

any progress with this issue for those months ?

For residents of the European Union, you can turn off the display of personalized ads in your Admob account.