Fusion Tables and iOS

Hi. I would really like to be able to use fusion tables with iOS. Is the team working on this? Thanks.


Can you tell us a little more about how you want to use Fusion Tables? Fusion Tables is an experimental service from Google and hasn’t been very well maintained over the years. Additionally, we’ve noted some issues that users of Thunkable (and App Inventor before that) have had with Fusion Tables. If we know more about how you intend to use Fusion Tables we can, perhaps, provide a alternate solution that meets your (and others) needs but avoids the problems of Fusion Tables.


Happy Thunking!


I too am waiting for the Fusion Tables component. I use Fusion Tables to store datasets which have coordinates and addresses. FusionTables allows for easy geocoding of addresses, which is one very nice feature so I can plot on the fusion table maps quite easily if the coordinates happen to be missing. My app calls up maps from the fusion tables and centers them on the user selected state, province, or city, whose centers are stored in other fusion tables. My app also calls up charts and graphs of the datasets. Charting and graphing with Fusion Tables is primitive, but tolerable. Finally, my app pulls user selected locations from the dataset and provides routing and directions between them. So, in short, Fusion Tables are very handy for holding data which can be queried and providing a fairly simple method of generating charts, graphs and maps for handheld devices.

Hi. There are definitely limitations with Fusion Tables and there is no Google forum to turn to with problems, which is a pity. I use Fusion Tables because of the of the geocoding and mapping and the different formats for displaying the data with images. Thanks.


Any alternative that would work together with the Android release would be appreciated.
Currently I am using Google Sheets connectivity via CloudStitch as a database for various lists – any update on Google Sheets connectivity for iOS?

fusion table no longer available i think.