Google Sheets Connectivity in iOS

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I have created an app in the Android version of Thunkable and am trying to create the same functionality for iOS.
Are there any plans of having the Google Sheets/Cloudstitch connectivity implemented on the iOS platform?

Hi there!

Yes there is. We have it high on our list of components so hopefully we’ll make it available soon. How were you planning on using it?

Albert @ Thunkable


Hello Albert - currently I am using Google Sheets with Cloudstitch to host/sync data for the app. Using the functionality to populate the elements in several List Pickers.

I am also aware of a bug with using filters on List PIckers and the Selection Index functionality - when that is resolved I hope to expand the usage to function as more of a database (populating data from other columns based on the row number).

Thanks for the update!

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me too , my android app depends totally on cloudstitch spreadsheets
and waiting for it on IOS
and as @Scoop says we hope that you resolve its issues


Any plans for FusionTables API to be included? WebAPI is unfortunately way too complicated for me. My android app uses FusionTables, and querying a fusiontable, inserting a row, etc. is much easier from the dedicated FusionTables on android than WebAPI can ever be, especially with integrating a service account. Thanks!

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I have the same issue. Does anyone know when/if a Sheets component will be available in the iOS builder?

Hi Guys, just checking back to see if there has been any movement on the iOS googlesheets/excel/cloudstitch front?

The current workflows we use are data sent back to head office as excel sheets. And what I’m working on is an inventory management updating app. Which means we could work right into the same documents and document set. As if we working directly into the office.

Things like AppSheet or Open-as-app mean I could have that centralised workflow. But they don’t have the flexibility of design or interface to make it worthwhile :frowning:

Keen to hear updates.

Hi there. Thanks for checking in. We implemented another Spreadsheet component powered by Airtable that should meet your needs. It’s pretty easy to set up and is less susceptible to crashes as the previous Cloudstich version was.

Hope this works for you!

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Hi Albert,

Unfortunately airtable isn’t hugely suitable.

The workflow in our offices and inventory stores takes data directly into excel. Then it’s confirmed. And sent back to head office and the accounts dept.

Airtable isn’t really suitable for data integration back to excel. (Literally TRYING to make it work right now)…

I’m attempting to get Zapier links to move the data from the airtable sheet BACK into the excel sheets. So it can simply be reported and sent off. (Even into google sheets would be ok because I could at least export to .xls from google… but zapier linking with airtable isn’t fantastic and not a a particularly clean system.)

And the other huge downside is that if I give up on integration to excel FROM Airtable, and just have airtable house the app data. I’m back where I was giving borderline manual data back to the person managing physical stock to do data entry into formula based sheets and records in excel.

In an excel or google sheets backend the data can be updated in the sheet and then synced to the app instantly. With the benefit of being the original document and format that head office themselves are using.

What API’s am I able to hook into thunkable? There are some Excel API options available. Which I’m checking down the list of, including the SharePoint and Excel Script APIs.

Other options I’ve been forced to look towards are entirely different APP creation environments, like Dropsource, which Id prefer not to. But one method they have is the open integration of data through anything confirmable on a REST API. :confused:

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