Android to iOS + Google Sheets conumdrum

Hi Guys

I have made an Android App using your brilliant app creator which I am very proud of.

The reason I chose to make an android app prior to making a website (then easily making an app using Thunkable) is because I’m a fan of Googles one click payment ability.

I would like to be able to make my app available for iPhone to but my app relies predominately on the Google Sheets extension. Will this be added to your iPhone app creator? Or better yet will your creator be able to create universal apps for both devices anytime soon??

If this could happen it would save me a load of time and effort as I can then work backwards and create a website with links to both the apple and Android apps where users can then make one click purchases respectively according to their devices instead of having users have to manually enter their details every time they purchase if that makes sense? Basically I feel that if an iPhone or Android user has previously made a purchase in an app it’d be cool if they could purchase items with one click using their previous details.

A lot to answer but I’ve hit a mental block and am going round in circles with this one big time!

Any help or advice appreciated.



Hi Dan. If you want to be able to create both Android and iOS apps from the same source, you can do so via our product. It does not support the Google Sheets extension but it does support a Spreadsheet component powered by Airtable. It also contains a Payment component (powered by Stripe).

Let us know how it goes!


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