List of requests

List of Requests

**Some things are requested yet, I know, but there is no problem to request them again.** *** 1. Please update description of FusiontablesControl component. 2. Add a new function to FusiontablesControl *** Dear @thunkable team, can you please update FusiontablesControl description + add a new function called "DoQuery". Thank you.

The Blockly update for Thunkable is in testing and includes the new buttons and TutorialURL property.

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Great. Tutorial URL Property + Blocky Update is coming. WICED Sense will only come later, because it’s not incorporated into official AI2. Well, then only FusiontablesControl component needs a new function + updated description.

@albert, @arun, @amrita, @wei, any ideas?

the DoQuery method is deprecated, use the SendQuery method instead, see also the documentation

DEPRECATED. This block is deprecated as of the end of 2012. Use SendQuery instead.

Send the query to the Fusion Tables server.


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