Found difference between thunkable live test/preview and published app on App store

I have created an application called Game Trivia. I have published it on the app storeGame Trivia. It is a quiz app on popular video games. Once you finish answering the questions, it takes you to a summary page. On the summary page it should display a button with text saying go back to home screen. The button is visible during live test whereas it is not on the iPhone.
On the app live test it shows:

On the iPhone live test it doesn’t show:

Don’t know weather this problem is on thunkable or apple’s side.

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Hi @vea075x, that sounds like a pain! Hopefully these questions help me out!

Has it ever worked? Did you test this before publishing? I’m assuming it worked then if it got published?

Is it only the 1 button that is not appearing on the phone? I see you’re running iOS, do you have the most up to date version of the companion app?

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