[Solved] buttons not showing when open through thunkable live app/install as apk

Hi, this is my first time using thunkable, i tried to build an app, but the problem is when i use live test(from the thunkable webpage), the app work as i want it to work,

but when i installed and open through the thunkable live app for android, the app doesnt work, it just show the main screen without any button that i have placed.

The same thing happen when i try to download as apk file, and when i installed it in my android phone, the app doesnt work correctly.

Here is my project link

I hope someone can help me spot whatever is wrong or problem with my project.

This the screenshot from the live test form thunkable webpage and thunkable live app


Hey @lutfisamatt :wave:

Congrats on getting your first app completed.

I had a quick look and there’s just a small issue with the relative sizing of your Row1 on Screen1.

If you adjust that then you’ll be able to see the button

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Thanks for your help👍

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