Followed Tutorial sound not working ios

I followed exactly and does not work my sound file is ogg is that the reason?

Update: I also tested your sound file and it still doesn’t work no sound comes out when i test live

My phone is an Iphone 5s if that matters or not


It’s very difficult to know for sure without being able to see what you’re talking about. What blocks or properties are you using to set the sound source in you app? Can you share some screenshots please??

The ios tutorial for sound by thunkable on youtube is the exact same layout as mine

Ok…I’ll assume you’ve set the source correctly so. Have you tried using any .MP3 to investigate whether the issue was with the file format, as you originally thought??

Well first i used my ogg file it didn’t work so i used the file the tutorial gave in the link and it is the exact same file type and still doesn’t work. I typed in the exact same source as the downloaded file name. everything was exactly the same except i don’t know what phone the tutorial was using

Try making sure your phone isnt on silent or vibrate. I forget about that sometimes. Also try playing a sound of youtube to test that your phone speakers are up and running. If you upload the source file that will help others look into it.

Yep youtube fine, not on vibrate or silent. the sound files i used is these 2

Nevermind found it. thunkable doesnt support ogg files and the tutorial one is corrupted, i converted ogg to mp3 and it worked