Flying Calc Demo update, A math challenge brain exercise

suggestions for improvement welcomed.

The App

Instructions are here: FlyingCalc Instructions

Before playing, watch the tutorial: Tutorial

or download it here:: FlyingCalc tutorial



Before telling something about your app. I would suggest you add some screenshots, it really attracts more users to download.

Regarding, app when I installed, I really not got that how to play it?
Then after few seconds, I got this error.

Suggest you check relevant blocks to solve it.

Thanks for the error report. Did this appear before a list of high scores ?


After high scores

To be honest, i do not really like the look of the app. There is no constancy of elements, the items look very random and it looks kind of unfinished to me – just from the user interface :wink:

Remember that the UI can easily be changed anytime he likes and then make it look good, that does not affect the app/game so much :slight_smile: However if the app looks great but is not programmed probably, then we got at problem :grin:


but just that you “could” change it does not say it will :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And if you are like me you would not use or play an app that might work good but looks bad :see_no_evil: also it is not so easy to make a good design after everything else is already finished – it should go hand in hand :wink:

Lets agree to disagree on that one :joy:

Nice point there :thinking: And even though i look at an app/game from the entertainment side, i also try to see if the app/game has some kind of potential :smiley: like… maybe it looks bad but has an original idea or something :smile:

“And if you are like me you would not use or play an app that might work good but looks bad”

Sounds like some dates I had. :cry:


UI… Schmui I am more interested in the fun of making things work than in making them pretty.

This is not the Anna Nicole Smith of apps. It is more the Frances McDormand of apps.
I am guessing you would not go see “3 Billboards.”


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:see_no_evil: :joy: as a graphic designer I am quite superficially and not easy to please concerning UI and overall look - “it’s not you, it’s me” kind of :sweat_smile:

Then little can go wrong! :wink: and I have not seen it, but i get the point :smile:

Funniest reply i have seen to a post on this forum! :joy: