Fun with Farads: Electronics Themed mini-games

I wanted to make revision as enjoyable as possible for my electronics students, so I started this app as a way of keeping useful resources in the same place. There are quizzes on Greek letters and resistor colour codes, as well as games and calculators.

You can download the app from the Play Store

or open the project directly in thunkable

Here are a few screenshots for good measure:

And the obligatory source code:
FunWithFarads.aia (144.9 KB)


Just downloaded the app on my device and I really like it. It’s unique has a nice design, nice games and is a nice idea.

I also like how pressing the back button on the menus re-opens the previous game you played.

One thing you could improve is the app name. On my launcher it shows: “electronics_game”

To change it, click on Screen1 in the designer and set the App Name in the box as shown below:

You could also improve the instructions a bit. After clicking on some of the games, I have no idea what I have to do. (I know about the long hold on the menu buttons)

I also found a bug: If you don’t type anything in the text dialog on Articulate, you receive a bad arguments error.


Thanks @Conor, really appreciate the feedback. I actually tried changing the name in Google Play but (obviously) that didn’t work, I’m much happier with it now! I fixed the bad argument error too - I hadn’t spotted it so thanks again.
The descriptions could definitely do with improving, but I want to get a few more sections added in first (Schematics quiz, Coulomb’s law calculator) so I might end up using a list view with better descriptions on Screen1.

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