Firebase user id from sign-in component not set for returning user

Hi everyone,
I am currently setting up my firebase database. So far, tutorials have helped me figure out how to do this. However, there is one thing I can’t figure out.

I am using variables to store email and password of the user when “remember details” toggle is on. When the user returns to the app, I am signing them in automatically using their stored credentials. Now, in the first session when the user logged in and switched the toggle on, their user ID gets sent to my database when they hit a specific button. However, when the user returns to the app at a later point in time and gets logged in automatically, the same things is not working any more. Everything BUT the user id gets sent to my database.

This is what the data in the database looks like:

And here are my sign-in blocks:

To me it looks like I am doing the exact same thing when logging the user in automatically.

Hoping that someone has an idea. I’ve been trying around so much, but never get it to work.
Thank you,

Solved itself. It was literally me being stupid because in my app those blocks need to also be on the signup screen. Not just the signin screen :smirk:
The blocks shown are working just fine, so if you are building something like this yourself, you can check them for inspo.