Save username and password

Hi All,

How to save username and password from firebase authentication? so users no need to login every single time on the app.
or second option how to integrate using finger print.

here is my block on for login page.

Hello @ozel1978
To create an auto sign-in feature you can save the user id into a stored variable and when the user opens the app check if this variable has value in order to navigate them to the sign-in or Home screen



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You can use stored variables to save the user’s email and password in order to sign them in automatically each time they use your app. Just make sure when using stored variables that you check to see if they are equal to null when the screen opens and if so, set their values to an empty string (“”).

Edit: see above… for some reason @ioannis’ comment hadn’t loaded when I typed mine but he’s exactly right.


thank you for your block.

i plan to have logout and reset password button.

what happen then, since your block has save username and password when page is start.

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