Directly login a user if current userid is not null


I’ve spent a solid 30 minutes searching for a solution to my problem in the topics posted but couldn’t find any, so if this is a duplicate and is already solved please link it to me.

if not, the problem is I am trying to directly make the user login to his account if he already logged in before and did not log out.

Here is the block of what I tried to do, I also tried other things that did not work.


I do know that the problem is in “userId” that should only be used in the “Sign in” method but it is asking for a password and e-mail that I am unable to provide.

Any help would be much appreciated!

So what you all need to do is, you have to store the user id in a local storage with a tag [ ID] during signup process and when the user re-opens the app then on splash screen check if the tag [ ID ] of the local storage is not equal to blank then send user to the home screen else send to signup/login screen

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Seems logical, and then when he presses logout i remove him from the local DB right?

Yup when the user hits the logout button set the vaue of the tag [ ID ] to blank.

I tried it out, here’s the code


Thats once he logs in.


This is when he relaunches the app

If this code is correct it is not working for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello @user12
Here is a demo project link to understand the working of one time signin system.


//Ct tricks


Hello @cttricks

After 3 days of trial and error I got it to work thanks to your help, I marked you reply as the solution!

Thank you!

You welcome :blush:

Just for the benefit of any future community members who run into this issue, we also have a video outlining how to use the sign in component here: