Firebase Auth by ID and list view your purchases

I have a list where each user has his id, with his data of the last purchases, it needs when the user enters the app identifies his id and shows only his last purchases. with the possibility to make another request of the items bought in the list.
How to do this using firebase authenticating by id

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are you using the Firebase sign in component? If so, are you saving the users firebase userID and using that as their ID?

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hi samclever

yes I am saving the user and password, I would like to use the id generated by firebase, I am
new to thunkable and I do not know how to mount the logic


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So to use the Firebase userID you need to use the Sign IN componant. They need to enter their email and a password which gets put into the sign up block. they will then get an email and must confirm their email before being able to move forward. after they have done that, they sign in and the sign in block gives you thier FB userID. use that as your “parent node” and then save all of their data under it. that way every time they log in, it pulls and saves to that users profile basically. Hopefully that helps some.

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Hello thanks for helping me, I understood signin, but I do not know how to do the logic of getting the firebase id.

The userID is their FB id. After they sign in just take that green block “userID” like you did for isEmailVerified and there you have it. Unless I am not understanding your question.

Thank you my friend, ALL RIGHT.

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