Firebase login / signup with name age and other infos

Hello can anyone explain or do a tutorial how to work with firebase and thunable Know how make it for to do a simple account but I want that people can sign in with informations and that will be store in firebase ? and not only email and password? thanks

Pleaseeeee :slight_smile:

This is the exact problem I am having, I feel you.

I suggest this.

Store one item… say a name,

Then lookup the name (get tag, and see if the name matches the value (get value)

Do one thing first, then rinse and repeat.

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I didn’t understand it… I really don’t know how everybody can get stored there infos in firebase ( email and password yeah but not the rest

If you can store a password or email you can store anything.

Just change the name of the tags

no if not i would not ask lol

Hi @danyklein :wave:

Take a look at the sign in component, which has been created specifically for this purpose.

To see this component in action, I’d recommend you remix our sample app, Gram.

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Hoi yeah I know i used to understand d the sign up and to make it works and it works but there is not explain how to saw other infos to in firebase for a account

I unfortunately think it’s not possible as of now since firebase recognises and sends a validation link only to an e-mail.

I’ve been trying to use a phone number but it’s not so easy, if you do as others suggested your data will not be secure and anyone could easily read and write and delete it

I can.


I will send you the link to the app when I’m done.

I’m nearly done.

I have finished the basic app. It will go through regular updates and I would not suggest copying it as it will not update your copy. Please give credit to me if you copy the code

The project page.

it doesn’t seem to work

Are you testing it on the iPad, android or browser?

You will have to make a profile on iOS or Android. You can not signup on the web version. I am working on changing that and making a computer version.

Hi @danyklein,

The sign in component returns the User ID upon sign in. This is unique for every user created, guaranteed. This would allow you to create child objects under this tag such as name or age, and it also makes implementing Firebase rules easy as there are basic rules for signed in users to only access data under their user id.

i thought you meant i could sign in without sign in in to firebase trough email, i must have misunderstood

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Oh sorry, I could try some app like that.

I’ve been looking for a way to sign in to firebase with only the phone number, but it’s not possible for the moment, only email unfortunately