Can I save more information than the email and password in the firebase sign in?

I’am doing an app and I need to save the more informations than only the password and email on firebase, like the age, school and class and display in another screen
And another question I have is, if I can link an email with informations I would like to display on my app to determinated user, that have the save email, like, and all the user that have gmail on her email adress would see only a few information.
If you can help me thank you.

you can use cloud variables to store age, school and class

If its possible you can show me how?
Thank You

no i don’t really know how to work with cloud variables sorry.

No problems
Thank You anywhay

First make a firebase account: Firebase
To connect firebase to thunkable see the linked video: Connect and Save Data to Firebase Realtime DB // Thunkable X - YouTube
See docs on variables & firebase: Variables - ✕ Docs
Realtime DB by Firebase - ✕ Docs

It will start to make more sense when you watch the tutorial. Hope this helps!

I will see it
Thank You