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I am new here, so sorry for the basic question but I could not find a solution yet. I just created a variable and want to store that in Firestore. I have connected my project with Google Firestore. I watched some tutorials and saw how people dragged the RT Firebase component onto the screen, but unfortunately, I cannot find that component. Where can I find that?

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The RTDB component is not any more available. Now you just need to create a cloud variable. Whatever you assign to the variable is stored in the Firebase database.


Thanks for letting me know. However, I am not sure how to store a variable in the database. I have created a variable and initialised as cloud, but I cannot select 'in RT Databse anymore and define its key, value. How does that work? You can find a picture attached.

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So, assuming you have a key (node) in your database with the name PASSWORDS and it has sub-keys for each user such as John or muneer then you will create a cloud variable using the dynamic block

Hope this clarifies the issue

This topic explains it all

Thanks a lot. And how can I retrieve data then from Firebase? I created an image component and want to get that image file from Firebase to display it in the image component.
How would that work?

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Reading data is basically reading the value of the cloud variable.

Images take a different turn for Firebase. Save the image in a location or an image repository such as imageDB/cloudinary and save the URL of the image in Firebase database.

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