Facebook events integration in Thunkable

Is it possible to integrate a map on thunkable that shows the nearest events around a person using Facebook Events?
The idea is to use GPS to locate a person and show all the events in the neighbourhood about a specific topic.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, please see ‘addMarker’;

You can also use a Database (Realtime Firebase) to store this data and have it change in realtime as needed.

You could store them in a nest and go through the list and create a new marker for each one with title and description.

@ericacau090jbnrqq Here’s what I’ve done:

Created a Realtime Database with the data that Maps needs to create Markers:

Then run through that data and create Markers for each item:

Here’s the result:

I’ve conveniently named the locations 1,2,3 etc. however you will likely need to name them differently. You can do the same as this with a local DB or Google Sheets, but the benefit of this is that when data is updated (I assume with some ‘automation’ or WebAPI component that gets data from the Facebook API), it will instantly update. This can be bad if you have a lot of users (10,000+) as Firebase has a limit on free egress, but should be fine if you only have a few hundred users.

For colours, search for HEX colours and there’s a tool that will let you choose a colour and give you the correct HEX code to use (or click here: google colour picker - Google Search)

Note the zoom as -1, you can set that as needed but it depends on how big the area you are trying to show is.

You’ll probably need to get data from the Facebook Events API which is currently closed (or I might have been able to do a demo).

Docs: Getting Started - Pages - Documentation - Facebook for Developers

Hope this helps!


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