Events Not Working

I can see that you’re a beta tester, so that might be why you’re seeing that icon at the top for a second. I don’t think it’s directly relevant to this behavior, since it won’t do anything unless it’s clicked.

Since Balanced_Kitchen also sees this behavior, and it not a beta tester, I don’t think it’s an issue with the beta testing server.

@overturner if you open the Thunkable Live listing in the Google Play Store, do you see an update available to download? Or do you have the most recent version of the app downloaded?


Yes , i was not on the updated one , but once i updated , it still gives me the same error

The version of the app shows on the logon screen. you just need to glance it and remember it.

Let me show you how to get rid of the Scary screen of the app.

  • First make sure the app on your phone is closed not minimized.
  • From your computer pick any project that you know it works.
  • Don’t open it.
  • Use the play button inside a circle to view the Live test screen.
  • Leave the screen open.
  • Now open the app from your phone.
  • You will notice the app will show the project you have opened in your computer and the Live test screen is your computer will automatically disappear,

This should solve the scary screen issue.

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i tried this @muneer but it still showed me the error message. It does that every time i open the app. But i got to know that i have the 28306 version

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I tried these steps too @muneer it however crashed for me as well with Critical error message. I have an Android version 11 and Thunkable App version 283, last updated on 7th Sep’21


The project you select from your computer should be a safe project that would not normally crash. If it is a DnD project then it would be better.

Show the Live test from the button on the project card. Do not open the project.

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@jane something strange has just happened in front of my eyes. I deleted the project I copied from you and copied it again to have a fresh copy. I made changes in it and thought to start again.

Now, the project cashes every time I try to open it.


I remixed again and this time I moved the blocks from the button click event and then deleted the button. The app became stable so I added a button and inserted your camera and recognition blocks back to the button click event and things are OK now.

It seems to be intermittent with me.


Boring work-in-progress update: Thunkable team members Paul, Jose and Wei have been working on this issue. Jose tried building a new Thunkable Live app for Android, but the behavior was still present there. I know they’re live on a call right now, so I’ll make sure to update you guys as soon as they are back from the call and give me an update.

If you currently have a project affected by this behavior, try replacing your Button with a Label, and you ‘when Button Click’ block with a ‘when Label Click’ block. I have tried this in other projects and it has resolved the behavior.


More exciting update: Jose has sent me a new version of Thunkable Live to test, and the behavior was resolved! No crashes on Android, and I tried jumping between multiple projects to encourage things to break :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Obviously an app does not appear on the Google Play store as soon as it is built, but hopefully an update to the Google Play app listing should be out soon


Thanks to the Thunk team. We will the at the front line to help test the new version once it is available!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


For the people experienced Android crash, can you try this apk?



@jane great to hear that this has been resolved. Waiting eagerly for the new update. Thanks to the Thunkable team for actively working on resolving this menacing issue :+1: :+1: @jane & @muneer


But it only helped in opening the app.

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I installed this apk and I think the issue is resolved. The App that kept failing is working fine now. :+1:

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@gobassky The preview link should be there now.


Hi everyone,

Cass from the Thunkable team here!

We’ve released the updated version of the Thunkable Live app on Google Play. Let us know your feedback as you test this version.

Appreciate everyone’s feedback!



I confirm new version works!

Well done. :slight_smile:


Thanks for confirming! :grinning:


Hi Cass, Thanks for the effort.

I have not gotten the update from Google Play yet, perhaps it takes time to propagate to my country. But I downloaded and the .apk above and tried. It worked as before and I am not able to replicate any crash with the new .apk Thunkable Live using my working previously working apps. However, there is one observation still outstanding that I picked up from these few days.

Using same app (This) for testing:

  1. using the Thunkable Liv app. All good. no errors.
  2. using the circle play button on the “My projects” page. All good, no errors.
  3. using the responsive webapp link. All good no errors.
  4. using the live test button on design/blocks page. Can’t seemed to assign URL using blocks.
  5. using the preview button on design page. Can’t seemed to assign URL using blocks.

Not sure if this is related but certainly the issue came together with crashes 2 days back. For now I am good with the mobile and the webapp link tests available. I am able to continue my work. Again, thank the team for the fast resolve.


Thank you team, now the thunkable live app works properly. But i dont know why i still cant preview my project in the design page.