Thunkable live test App crashing Critical error occured

When i am opening thunkable live (Android) App
its getting crashed. for any project its showing “Critical Error occured!” …

even i have changed my account and logged on with different account still problem persist same

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It is happening because u have not code the app correctly…So it is happening

it is happening to the old projects also, which were working fine previously

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@gobassky found out that the crash happens when your project includes Web API component. I tested and confirmed the same.

Please first hard refresh your browser then check a project that does not have Web API and see if it works well.

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But @muneer I have a weather app it is also having Web API but it is not crashing

you are right, one of the App was corrupted due to coding error. i have deleted the project.
Now working fine

The crash happens more often in projects designed in StP UI (Legacy) it does not happen as often with DnD.

Is your app designed in DnD?

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Nope Snap to Place interface

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Then you should consider yourself lucky. It is still not working for me.

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To clarify, apps downloaded or deployed to appstore/ google play before 7 Sep, will still work. It is the live tests on mobile that is broken. One thing strange though, it worked for the first few times, but once you tested the apps a few more times, it crashes. and deleted the Web_API blocks does not help.

But if yours is working, then good for you. If your thunkable live app is not updated to 7 Sep version, then consider not updating it first.


Hi there,

Does this behavior seem related the the behavior that was discussed in this thread?

If so, does updating the Thunkable Live app on Android resolve this behavior for you?