Error when typing in input

Hi all, today I Live Tested an app on the web. The screen I was testing involved two inputs. When I started typing in the first input, I wrote one letter, and then it jammed, waited for 2-3 seconds, and then displayed this message. I have been able to use thunkable as usual, so this is not the ‘white designer screen’ problem.

Any ideas?

New discovery: In the screen where the inputs are, I’m doing something different when the input changes, based on whether a variable is true or false. This variable gets its value in the first screen. If one button is clicked, set the variable to true and navigate to the input screen, else set it to false and navigate. The crashing occurs only when the variable is false. This is my code for if the variable is false:

This code takes place every time the input changes. Whenever it changes, I set the variable replaced to Input_Message’s text. The variable list of definitions is a list, and each item of it contains 2-3 words. Can you use the does contain block with 2-3 words at a time? Can you use the replace block to replace 2-3 words at a time? Maybe one of those two blocks is causing the error. I’m using the same block above, except in this case am replacing all in list of **definitions**' get i with 'in list of **words**', but in the previous one I have turned it around. I am replacing in list of **words** get i with list of **definitions** get i.

My guess is that you’re trying to ask Thunkable to do many complex calculations all in the time it takes to type a single letter.

What happens if you start slowing things down?

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As in only when the user submits the input?

I’ve noticed that if I initialize my variable to false form the beginning and directly live test from the input screen without clicking on the buttons, it doesn’t crash.

I changed the ‘changes’ event to ‘submit’ and now it doesn’t crash.

But when I change it back to this, it crashes. Any ideas on how I can simplify my code so it works even with the changes event?

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