[Solved] Text Inputs with `undefined` property cause app to crash

My App doesnt work yet it still crashing as you can see my project link above

8 days passed. This problem could not be solved. There are 3 pending app updates but I’m holding them because of this error. I couldn’t figure it out no matter what I tried. I don’t want to create pages with the same blocks again. I want it to be known that I am impatiently waiting for it to be fixed. That’s why I want to keep the topic updated. Thank you for your understanding.

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It seems like there maybe two issues here @doctorsof - thanks for bumping this topic, we need to ask a few more questions in order to establish what’s happening here.

Just to make sure I understand correctly, everything works fine on web test and in the latest version of Thunkable Live, the issue you are having is confined to APK files? Is that correct?

When was the last time you built an APK to test? We recently updated the build servers so it’s probably worth another try.

What version of Android are you testing on?

Is your Google Sheet shared publicly?

I noticed in the sample you shared that all your screen names begin with emoji - have you tried to implement this on screens that don’t contain emoji in the names?

@doctorsof. I’m still a novice at creating apps but I have definitely put a lot of hours into the one I am currently making so forgive me if I am incorrect. I look over your app and I’ve noticed that there are two variables “x” and “itemID” that seem to have been created with a function or control block. Those control blocks or functions do not exist anymore. Try to initialize a new variable for those two.

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I deleted all of blocks but still crashing.
Thunkable Live Test is not working. (Updated last version) So it is not important apk now for me.

Web Test is working. It has not Google Sheet also.
No emoji included now.

There are no blocks now.

Is this project working well in Thunkable Live app in your phone?

I found why:
Bug is from Text_Input, I deleted all of text_inputs it is working well.
I added new Text_Input that’s ok. But old ones must to be delete. I don’t know why but it is solution from old ones Text_Inputs must to be delete and add new ones!

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Thanks for following up @doctorsof - just to close the loop on this, the engineering team informed me that with with the older text inputs, when you delete the text in the properties it defaults to undefined can causes an error. The bug was caught and fixed (which is why adding new text inputs work for you) but again, you only have to update the ones that say “undefined”. If they say “empty string” then they’re fine.



Moving this to it’s own #solved topic since there were indeed 2 separate issues.