Error Ocurred when I load url images

Do anyone know what I can do with this? It Happens when I load url images repeated times

If I open screen one time, nothing happens but in the second or third, the app crashes with this errors.

I tried different things with repet, with while, with until, with count with i, with for each item j … etc all of them crashes.

Any advice?

You use the Open block, which is triggered every time you open the screen. This means that every time you open the screen, images load and something crashes. What is the function of BaresLoadsSinConexion?

What version of Live do you use?
Can you write what is the total number of images?
Are these some big photos in high quality?
How much does one image weigh?
I see a timer in your blocks. Are you sure that images are uploaded once, not many times?

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My advice might be to activate Windows for a start :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, when using that RealtimeDB, don’t you have to use a forward slash between the levels of Firebase?

You might also want to try using the Cloud Variable, it might be better to work with to get the data you want.

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I tried with “ScreenStarts” too, but the same thing happens. (Also I put “When ScreenOpens” because if the user changes the location) there are other images.
This happens with the APK and in Thunkable live too. I m using the 206 version.

The maximum number of images are 20, in this case I loaded only 10
The images weigh = 323 kb
The timer function is only 1 sec of delay to set visible the screen to show all at the same time


Sory @hdawc What do you mean with activate windows? Thanks for the cloud variable tip.
I will implement it but in this case, I think firebase isn’t the problem because the app crashes
once I have everything stored in internal variables, so I attribute it to the loading of the images

Try performing sequential debugging - first remove all blocks from the BaresLoadsSinConexion function. If the problem has disappeared, then the problem is related to the sides in this function.

I may be wrong, but there may be a problem with the “app” variable blocks. Try using something else instead. Personally, I use variables from the parameters. Or the BaresLoadsSinConexion function there is some block that causes a failure.

because if the user changes the location)

Do I understand correctly that you are using the Location and Map component? If so, the problem may be related to them.

If you give me full access to your app and database, I will find the problem. If you do not want to do this, then try to solve it yourself.


I dont use location, the user selects the location among the options that I offer

I created a blank app and I tried with only 1 image per screen with top tab navigator
if I slide the screens a couple of times it crashes
What do you think that it could be?

Okey I founded that it crashes only when I slide the first or the last screen in the opposite direction, in the direction where there is no other screen
This in Thunkable live 206 version, I will try with APK to see what happens

Yep, in the APK happens the same

Simply put, the problem is in the screen Navigator. What component is used for navigation in your app?


In my original app I only navigate from one screen to another with a single click in button.
In the new blank app, with top tab navigator. (Sliding)


All your screen-shots say “Activar Windows” - I was being facetious about your clearly un-activated (pirated? :wink:) version of Windows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sweat_smile:

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LOL em… It was a friend computer(?

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

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