Error: Ad is not ready

Hi there,

I added AdMob Rewarded Video to my app and I have a problem: The video shows up only the first time, after that I get this error message:

I need to close and restart the app (Live and built apps behave the same), after that the video shows up once again…

My blocks:

You need to load the Ad every time you want one to show.

What does that mean?

After watching 1 rewarded ad, there is no way to watch an another one?

Load a Ad before you show one

What do you mean by that? I added an AdUnit, it shows up the first time, but after that I get the error.

Sorry if i wasn’t clear.
So basicly before you can show An Ad it Needs
to be loaded.
If it doesn’t load it Will throw that error.

But first time it works, second time it throws the error. How to load the ad second time as well?