Admob error not listed in troubleshooting guide

For some reason my Admob reward video is not playing on first tap. It will play on second tap. Why is this?

I went through the troubleshooting guide and showing the error this is what it says.

“Error: An ad is already being requested, await the previous promise.”

The Ad Unit has been setup for some time.



I have a similar approach in another thunkable project and it works fine.

If I keep pressing the button that triggers the Admob ShowAd this error is starting to show up.

More info on why ShowAd is not responding would be helpful, as not sure I can include it in my app if it will continue to not respond.

It looks like you’re (trying to) show ads while testing?

You should absolutely not be doing this.

Please use the test mode instead, or you will end up getting your account suspended.

Additionally, you not following the correct implementation guidelines for Rewarded videos.

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@domhnallohanlon thank you for the response, I’ll make sure test mode is on.

Can you point me to those guidelines for Reward videos? All I could find is this documentation and I have used the same admob blocks.