DVL showing Airtable records randomly

Hello Thunkable team,
Today I’ve noticed that DVL shows records different than what I sort in Airtable.

I used to sort records in Airtable but DVL behavior is weird :neutral_face: today.

It was working well but now something happen to DVL.

Would you check it out, please?
My regards!

Same issue i think:

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I think Yes

Hello @doctorsof @Hayder!
How did you test it?
On the platform, the order is shown differently but when on the device, I think the order is correct.

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On the device the order is sometimes correct sometimes not correct.

Live test on device is not exactly what is on Airtable. DVL is not stable.

Hello @Hayder @doctorsof!
Thanks for your reply.
It is strange, does this happen on the same DVL?

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DVL was working perfectly, suddenly it started to show items randomly and not sorted like in the Airtable records.

I test it now. It works well. Did you fix it sir or it works correctly itself?

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Would you check it now, please?

Working well

Hello @Hayder @doctorsof!
It corrects itself.
I hope that you will not have any issues in the future but if you have please reach out.

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