Order/Sorting Problem with Dataviewer

For iPhone and Android users; There is airtable connection, when the dataviwer list is opened: it doesn’t look like the sorting that happens in airtable. So the list order doesn’t actually look like what is in the airtable. It started today. I didn’t do any new update.
It is from Snap to Place.

Is there anyway to fix?

Would you give us more details, please?

I have 5 row include date name etc.
I sorted date. This app is for appointment. Which are near it must to be first also i prepared by date from 1-> 9 in airtable. Airtable working well and sorted normally.

But in app working not same. The Dataviewer list sort mixed. I dont know why?
First one from Airtable

Second one from Thunkable App:

Still not working well and i tried to change to google sheet instead of airtable because of sort problem but google sheet is not working well too. Not adding same row into google sheet.

What’s going on in Thunkable nowadays?

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Hello @doctorsof!
Sorry to hear about your issue.
Is the data on the second screenshot the same as on the first one?
For example, see the date 2023-11-24 that is not on the first screenshot.
Please check that you select the right field for the Airtable on the Dataviewer list.

Thanks for your attention, but Both are information of the same page. I did not show all of them, it shows a certain number of data on the phone. Both are actually the same, but unfortunately it shows incorrectly on the thunkable app on the device here. As I mentioned before, this is not always true, sometimes it looks right and sometimes mixed sort.

Hello @doctorsof!
Thank you for sharing more information.
We will continue investigating it.

Did you change anything? Because of working well today.


Me too

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