Data Sources to Data list viewer


A small question is there a way to create a new row in data sources and show this new row as the first row on the data list viewer?
I was only able to add it as the next item on the list.

thank you!

use airtable line up in decending order to timetable.

fyi : my case Problems tracking *row id* in Sorted Sheet when using DataViewer

thank you!

Hey how to do this?

@Mikas_3D here

ok thanks

is there any way to do it with the local DB source?


Returns a copy of the sorted list:

numeric - in numerical order
alphabetic - by the lexicographic order of characters in the ASCII table
alphabetic, ignore case - by the lexicographic order of characters in the ASCII table, case-insensitive
ascending-sort in ascending order
descending - sort in descending order

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but where what block am i to ad that sort on to?

If you look at the blocks for AirTable, DataSource, or LocalDB, you will see that there are blocks that you can use to get a list of column fields, or a list of all rows, or use a loop to get the necessary records from a data table. After receiving this list, you can sort it.


Data Source also has such blocks, but for some reason they are not always displayed in the palette. But this is a question for developers.