How to sort local data source before displaying it in Data Viewer List?

I have a local data source with 2 columns : a name and a number
I set a Data list Viewer to display it. But if I understand info from forum we cannot sort DLV. So how can I sort my local data source (let say by name) prior to displaying it ?
Thanks for your help

You have to sort manually, save in a variable and then set to listview.
There is also a block to sort in list block

Thanks @Goldking .
So when a user enter some names through Thunkable, I have no automatic way to sort it so that they are displayed in order ?

Make me an example of what you want to do , show me also an example of your database

Hello @Goldking
Here is my table user can feed in through a screen in the app with an ‘add’ button and a forms screen

After validating a new book entry (saved in the table), I would like to just display all table’s entries (Name+Number of tomes) on a screen ordered by name
Thanks for your help

Hi, this is my way .
I don’t know why I worked with 4 columns but you can update directly the first 2 columns.


In the add button you have to add a control for the empty textbox, I forgot it

Goldking Thanks a lot !

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Let me know if it works fine :+1:t2: