Drop Down List Where Options Impact the Main Function Of The App

Hi I need to create a drop-down list where when the user picks an option this option is stored and it impacts the function of the app. The user should be able to change that in the future if they need but it must remain the same when they restart the app

To give you a better idea let’s say that there are 5 options (a,b,c,d,e).

If the user picks “a” then on the main screen (other than the list screen) when the user clicks a button the app does “function a”, if they pick “b” then it does “function b” etc

Thanks in advance!

Hello @kochtgrw and welcome to the community :tada:
We had a similar topic a long time ago that you could check to take some ideas.
[Solved] How to Create Drop down list - Questions about Thunkable - Community
What have you tried in your blocks so far for this? Is there any work you can share as a start?

Thank you, I figure it out somehow however when I click an option I need the background color of this option only to change. Right now it changes the background of all the list options. How can I fix that?

Hello @kochtgrw
Sorry for the late reply.
Here is the block that you need

Thank you, however I don’t find this specific block with the “row id” The only blocks I find don’t include the part where it says (for “row id”). So where it is?

Hello @kochtgrw
You can find the Data Viewer block here:
After you add the block you will see the row id

I already have done that but this block doesn’t appear. Check the screenshots of all the blocks I used and the options of blocks that appear

Hello @kochtgrw
Thank you for sharing more information.
To find the Data Viewer block you need to add first a Data Viewer component

I used the simple list component, so how do I do it with this?


This is an example of mine:

  • when an item from “simple list” lstAtleti is clicked
  • the item in the simple list selected (with index) is putted in the VARIABLE_TARGET

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