[Solved] How to Create Drop down list


Anyone can help for creating drop down list for multi choice answer.

Pls Help

What have you tried so far?


Please Search the community once before posting your problem.
There is already a Dropdown list Tutorial Made by jane


Hi Thanks for support,

I have created drop-down list but unable to select from list wher I’m doing mistake pls support

List is showing like this

After clinking on list it’s showing like this

I want like list after selecting list should should hidden only selected ted item need to show .

You’re close. I’ll see if I can make a demo for you.

Also, you should not initialize the same variable twice.

Here you go:


image image

Can you share the project page

I’ve made a lot of changes to it but sure:



Here’s a little more sophisticated version:



Hi Tatiang,

Thanks a lot for your efforts i will update my block as per you if any help needed i will come back.

Again Thank u :slight_smile: -)

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Hi Tatiang ,

Thanks its worked out :clap:…one more thing which version you using its better for designing part i cant do anything from courser .

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I don’t understand what you mean. Can you explain this more?

i mean you have shared that project in that design Label textbox part is essay just drag an drop and can adjust by mouse pad also …so that am asking which version of thunkable you are using .

I used the new drag-and-drop interface to make that demo. You could just as easily make it in the older legacy interface.

Hi I have created drop down list but here i want to change something like now i am dropdown item specifying in block but can we take this item from air table column or row.

Anyone if have idea pls help.

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Yes of course

Check this


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Thanks for support Muneer

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Hi muneer,

I have done with local db it’s working fine

But I’m unable to do with air table .
Here is my block where I’m doing mistake

Pls help


You need to load the content of the Airtable column “Name” to a variable other than “Namelist”.

You are checking if “Namelist” is having 1 item which will not be because it has the contents of the column in Airtable table.

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Hi Muneer ,

Thank for your prompt revert.

I have done the changes as column name decleared in variable even it’s not working .

It’s showing error in blocks

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