Drop down lists in Thunkable X

Helping a couple of middle schoolers code an app using thunkable and they love it. We are struggling with the drop down list - they want a user to select from different vehicle types on a form

I looked at Drop-down Menu/Spinner Tutorial but it is using options that are not available like from - maybe we are missing something basic but is there a newer or different way to do this now?

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Step 1 - Take a list and put the items you want
Step 2 - put a label above that list
Step 3 - Set list viewer visible to false


Step 1 - When label click set list viewer visible true.
Step 2 - When list viewer item click take a variable set that variable to item and set lsit viewer visible false.

If you want an example you may see the translators app by alebrt.

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If you’re using the newer Drag and Drop interface, I’ve created this method:

You can also use a list viewer… it’s a ready-made component for displaying multiple choices and returning the choice that was made (item text and index position).

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See this example