Drop menu in thunkable X


i want to know if it is a possible way to include a drop menu in thunkable x. Basically i want that when a user sign up he can choose his city from a drop menu.

Thank you

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I would also like to know how to do this. It seems like pretty basic functionality, however it is not at all obvious how this is accomplished. I saw mention in another thread of placing a list item that is hidden and then having a button choose list items from that list and placing them in a label. I have tried this, but can’t seem to make it work. It makes sense in theory, but again, it seems like an overly complicated workaround.

Me too, I am also trying to do this, seems like a simple feature to have

Hi @emilio1, @Pest & @alanbartley,

There’s no built-in component to do this at the moment, so as a workout can I recommend using a button to open another screen with a listviewer and then a stored variable to save the list viewer selection.

Let me know if you want a sample project with this