About Drop down list

I want to make a drop down list … so … i reviewed the tutorial, but i can’t find the “viewer list” , i tried the data viwer list and simple list … but i cant find the “from list viewer” block … i mean the “from” block … could you help me?

That’s an old block.

Thank you for replying

Currently… how can i make a drop down list?

Here’s a Sample Project by @muneer

Thank you for help…
I would be grateful if you could tell me how to use it in my project. I tried to import it as a custom component but it failed. I want to use it within a form to fill in customer data.

I don’t think that’s a custom component. I however do have one you can use.


Thank you very much

Could you tell me how can i use it after imported?
I mean how can I put my options, and set the selected option to be transferred to the spreadsheet cell?

Its pretty straight forward.


I made the variable and store the options (i added more than 3 options) … when testing there’s just 3 options appear … is there a way to make it a scrollable menu?

The item will be a part of form that customers fill informations in , and there’s a button to create row … i want to put the selected item in the form by (when Button click).

I don’t know why it does that on web preview, but it works on the phone. Do you have the Thunkable live app on your phone?

Yes i have, and tested on the phone… just 3 options appears

Reload the webpage and hover over the component to see if there’s an update I was still playing around with it when I first sent it.

It works for me and I have over 50 items.

I did … but nothing changes

show your blocks

My list is not numbers, it’s a list of text items… so i used this block but when cick i see just d,e,f choices

I tried it as well with your exact blocks and only get 3 options. Webviewer shows 3,4,5, mobile shows 1,2,3.

That’s interesting I can’t scroll on web viewer, but I can scroll on the app. If I have time, I’ll try to see if I can fix that but that might be a Thunkable component thing and not me.

I wish you could dix it … i need it necessarily

Edit: Newer version has been released. This one is now outdated.

Fixed the issue. Reload your page and update.