Drop-down Module

Hello Thunkers,
I am happy to share a drop-down component made using a custom component.

The components I used are label, list view, and group.

The blocks:

Inside the “when Component Initialized” block I created the list of whatever items you want to display in our drop-down menu.

I set the list view invisible and made it visible when you click the label.

When a list item is selected I set the label of the list item and made the List Viewer invisible.

To make the custom component work with a dynamic list of options I added a property called “dynamiclist”:

As it is a string I converted it into a list using the “make list from text” block:

I set the list of items on the custom component after adding it to a project here:

To get the selected option I added an event with “selecteditem” as a parameter:

To use the parameter on the project I added the “When DropDown selecteditem” block and set the label to “selecteditem”:

You can see the project where I used the custom component here: Thunkable

To use this custom component you will need to click here and remix it

Let me know which other functionalities you would like to see implemented as custom component!

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Functionally, it’s great. Visually, it’s not. Is there a way you can improve the look of it?

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Hello @tatiang :wave:
Thanks for your feedback!
Every creator can remix the custom component I shared and customize the design.
Happy to see how you can improve it.

Hi @ioannis
I imported your custom component but couldn’t understand how can I use it to make a list of values in the spreadsheet to be drop down list… could you help?

Hello @c.7ooda6r
After you add the custom component to your project you can set the list of items on the custom component here:

Thanks … it works good , but unfortunately it covers other labels and text input boxes on the screen.

I have one as well if anyone wants to use it

Edit: Version 2 using updated property blocks.




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