Drop down Menu for ' input'

i have seen the tutorials as to how a list viewer can be used for listing down the labels/options for the user.
But is it possible for various options to pop down nder the input box ? like various options among which a user can select.

i meant something like this : image

and the same design is preferable rather than bunch of list viewer blocks…if there is no other go, Pls tell me on how to do with List viewer (the input box and list viewer should correspond each other)

Advanced Haooy New year !!! (writing this on 30th Dec2020)

There is no easy way. But if you search for “spinner” in the discussion group, you will find a number of clever solutions

hmm… will look at them…thanks for the suggestion

Check out this video

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it maybe possible in new ui

a reference project
do rest design and coding on ur own

i hope it helps

making for old ui now

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Thanks @jared and @eko.devs.apploroceo , your suggestions were useful, i used listviewer and disabled arrows, i reduced the width and reduced the size of each item, making it look good…

thanks !!!

Thanks for your response !